Baby Goats Need Your Old Winter Sweaters ASAP!

I love goats. And if I’m being honest, I love baby goats even more. And if I’m being really, really honest, I love baby goats in sweaters the very most. And I can only imagine how much I would love a baby goat in a sweater that I once owned. See, my super awesome friend Lauren works on a goat cheese farm — well, a farm that raises goats that make milk which is turned into cheese — in Vermont and kid season has almost arrived. The farm is about to, as she put it, “be up to [their] ears in tiny baby goats,” which sounds like fucking heaven to me, except for one tiny problem — Vermont is still cold as hell during kid season and these little babies are going to be screaming something fierce without some woolen sweaters to keep them warm. So, baby goat enthusiasts, she needs our help!

Over at her Kids In Sweaters Tumblr blog, Lauren is asking for people to send in their discarded sweaters so they can be paraded around the barn by their new kid owners. Contribute and you’ll score not only the heart-warming satisfaction of clothing one of nature’s most adorable squalling creatures, but a digital photo of a baby goat rocking the hell out of that old Gap Fair Isle pullover. EVERYONE WINS. Especially Lauren, who gets to be surrounded by baby goats in sweaters all day. That bitch. Email for details! [Kids In Sweaters]