Vince Vaughn And Dave Franco Made These Dumb Free Stock Photos

Arguably the worst part about blogging is having to find a stock photo image that goes with your story and doesn’t suck donkey balls — no small feat, as anyone who has had to comb through Shutterstock knows all too well. Impressively, many blogs, including The Frisky, have turned stock photos into actual content itself, but that still hasn’t solved the problem of shitty photos to begin with. Enter Vince Vaughn, Dave Franco, and a publicity stunt I might be okay with getting behind.

To promote their new movie “Unfinished Business” (I have no idea what it’s about but I assume some sort of business that hasn’t quite gotten done, maybe), Fox is releasing 12 different stock photos of Vaughn, Franco and other actors in various business related poses. They are low-key brilliant and free to use editorially. The first four (for situations such as “Team work makes the dream work” and “Business forecast? Nothing but upwards trajectory”) are available for hi-res download here, and the remainder — which can be seen in the gallery above — will be rolled out over the next three weeks.


[Images via Adweek]