The University Of Oregon Is Using A Rape Victim’s Counseling Notes For Their Investigation

  • The University of Oregon is claiming that they can access a rape victim’s counseling records from the help she sought on-campus after her assault as part of their investigation of the assault — and technically, they’re right. [Deadspin]
  • Alabama’s Supreme Court has halted same-sex marriages in the state in defiance of a United States Supreme Court order to the contrary. [Washington Post]
  • Health organizations are having a hard time spreading the word about safe sex and contraceptives because of appropriate-content policies on Facebook and Twitter. [The Atlantic]
  • Indonesian activist Firliana Purwanti is advocating against virginity tests and for embracing female sexual pleasure in her culture. [The Guardian]
  • There’s a petition to get Facebook’s “feeling fat” emoji removed from status options. [Daily Dot]
  • Steven I. Weiss, the host of Up Close, booked 50% female guests for a year; here’s what he learned. [Flavorwire]
  • Read about Cam Girlz, a documentary about how empowering camming can be. [VICE]

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