Thank Us Later: Danskin Supplex Leggings Are The Only Pants You’ll Ever Need

You know what sucks? Pants. Pants suck. Skirts also suck. Dresses can be OK, but usually they suck. If I could wear cotton track shorts all the time and not look like a total freak, I would. My goal, when dressing, is to basically have nothing on my legs. Barring the ability to do that in any socially acceptable way, I wear leggings. All the time. Summer and winter, day and night, casual and dressy, I just wear leggings. Not treggings or jeggings, just leggings. It’s a problem. I like to think I’ve made it work or made it fashionable, but it’s probably more accurate to say that everyone I know has come to expect that 90 percent of the time they see me, I will be wearing a pair of black leggings.

Specifically, I will be wearing one of the two pairs of leggings I own, both of which are Danskin Supplex leggings. You might recognize the Danskin label from Walmart’s activewear section, but trust me, you will not find these babies at Walmart. They retail for $42 each and are worth every penny. I’ve been depending on my two pairs of black Danskin Supplex leggings for the last 15 months of my life, and they still look like new. It’s insane.

Last January, I purged my life of all my unnecessary shit and then re-populated it with a smaller number of very nice, dependable things. In the process, I got rid of years of accumulated clearance-rack pants that either didn’t fit well in the first place or didn’t fit well anymore, and acquired two very nice pairs of high-waisted jeans and my two pairs of Danskin Supplex leggings. When I was budgeting out my new wardrobe, I did a lot of research on the best leggings in existence, and the following information sold me on Danskin Supplex leggings:

  1. Vera Wang swears by them. They’re basically the only pants she wears. I know why, now.
  2. There are people who have had their Danskin leggings for 10 years and they still look like new.
  3. Underwear simply is not visible under them, which is a major concern for a large-bottomed woman like myself.

They are the most comfortable pants in the world. I barely feel like I’m wearing anything. They’re soft, they don’t shrink, the color hardly fades, and they match all of my shoes.

So yeah, if you’re looking for the greatest leggings that have ever graced the face of the earth, go buy yourself a few pairs of Danskin Supplex leggings. In short order, you’ll find them taking over your life, and you’ll be glad, because you’ll never have to have uncomfortable legs again.



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[Image via Danskin and Shutterstock]

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