25 Free Or Cheap Activities To Get You Through The Rest Of Winter

It’s March, and winter has gone stale. Here we all sit, rotting away in front of space heaters, our laundry baskets overflowing with those thick slush-proof socks we’re cycling through so fast, nestled in front of glowing screens in bed while entertaining the kinds of existential thoughts that only come out to play when its dark out — which, incidentally, is like all the time in the winter. If you live in the Northeast or Midwest or some other equally chilly tundra, the sudden explosion of advertisers crying spring and trying to sell you pastel skirts probably just feels like extra torture – you know we have another month or two left of cold, slushy limbo. Even glorious that Netflix-and-wine time we all covet is losing its luster, because if it’s the only thing to do to pass the time, what’s the point of treasuring it? If you’re losing your mind with boredom, fret not – winter can still be fun! These half-ridiculous, half-legitimately fun activities will keep you occupied as you wait for spring…

1. Clean out your closet and purge your home of junk you don’t need in 20-minute cleaning bursts.

2. Get yourself some supermarket flowers and try your hand at concocting various floral arrangements.

3. Visit museums in your area with donation-based admissions fees or with pay-as-you-wish hours. Try the same for botanic gardens with tropical plants to get a greenery fix.

4. Sit down and restructure your budget (okay, this one isn’t exactly fun, but think of all the awesome shit you’ll be able to buy and do this summer once you know where the hell all your money’s going)!

5. Have a competition in your kitchen over who can make the most ridiculous hybrid dessert.

6. Play outside, of course! Snowmen, snow angels, sledding, snowball fights, you know the drill.

7. Make an igloo – a serious one requires a whole afternoon of commitment.

8. Get a coloring book at the dollar store, open it up, and watch how quickly your mind zens out once you’re leisurely filling in kitten cartoons.

9. Visit your local beach or lake even though it’s cold. No swimming, no crowds, great photo ops, and endless ocean vibes.

10. Read a genre of book you’ve never touched before because you always assumed you wouldn’t like it. You’d be surprised!

11. Try those damn 36 love questions already.

12. Find yourself some knitting, crochet, or needlepoint YouTube tutorials and have at it.

13. Make a blanket fort (more of the functional variety than twee). Bonus points if you hotbox it.

14. Try out the re-released Jane Fonda tapes in your living room.

15. Try a paint-by-number kit.

16. Dream up a vacation you’d like in the far-but-not-too-far future, and plan out some baby steps you can take to make it happen.

17. Make a mood board, if you’re into that sort of thing. Or actually, do it even if you’re not, because what the hell.

18. Get lost in a podcast rabbit hole until you find some new favorites to listen to.

19. Do some free writing or drawing and see what comes up.

20. Host a (drinking game-fueled, if you so choose) board game night.

21. Volunteer anywhere that fits your interests! You might end up with a year-round habit!

22. Start an articles club.

23. Find a food dish that intimidates you just a little bit and try your hand at making it just for yourself – no pressure!

24. Clear out your email inbox, organize your laptop files, and get your digital life in order.

25. Make a bucket list of all the places in your city you haven’t seen yet so you’ll know exactly how you want to spend your days off when warm weather finally gets here.

[Image via Shutterstock]