Style 911: “Help Me Find The Perfect Slouchy Bag!”

Urban Outfitters sold out of this $68 Deena + Ozzy Zip-Front Moto Satchel in BROWN. Can you PLEASE help me find this bag, or one similar to it in a similar (>$100) price range? here’s some things I’m looking for:

1. Roomy, and wider than it is tall. Not huge, since totes are cumbersome, but not tiny, either.

2. Slouchy! Too much structure = death to carry around.

3. Cognac brown or a lighter brown if need be, maybe grey; could be talked into black but probably not.

Ah, yes. The eternal search for a slouchy bag — one that’s not too slouchy, but not too structured. Something you can throw over your shoulder, all devil-may-care, and stroll out the front door, with your tissue-thin tee and your jeans and your nice shoes, you know, so you look real “grown” but not too grown. The slouchy bag contains multitudes. It shows that you are in charge of your own shit, but still loose and free enough to, say, drop everything and go away for a weekend or book an impromptu trip to Turks and Caicos because you got your tax refund early and you like to live impulsively, goddamit. But, you got your refund early because you did your taxes early, and that’s why you’re responsible. That’s why your bag is leather.

I have spent many years of my life searching for a slouchy bag, so I understand this search. Here are some thought-starters.

Here’s a jaunty number from Urban Outfitters thats very similar to the one that you wanted, but has the additional fun of studs.


Just entertain the option of this black bag for one sec, because it’s really cute, it will go with everything and fits most of your requirements.


Spend a teeeensy bit more money, and get this nice thing from Zara. Think of how tastefully, quietly expensive you’ll look!

zara 1

This “vintage” Hobo bag is the right color, the right amount of flop, and the right price. Also, it’s already worn in, though I will say Hobo bags take a beating well. I spilled a full pitcher of frozen margaritas on my brand new Hobo bag many moons ago, and it only got better.


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