Here’s A Very Important Update On Average Penis Length

And now, some very important figures on average peen length, brought to you by the friendly researchers at King’s college London Medical School, who wanted to create a “systematic review of penile size measurements.”  Their findings aren’t all that surprising. From Science of Us:

Average length of flaccid penis: 3.61 inches

Average length of flaccid penis stretched out by researchers (yes, that’s a thing they do sometimes): 5.21 inches

Average length of erect penis: 5.17 inches (alas, on this most important of categories, the researchers could only find four studies that fit their criteria, so the sample size is a relatively small 692 individuals)

Average circumference of flaccid penis: 3.67 inches

Average circumference of erect penis: 4.59 inches

Right. So, what you can expect when you get your third date with Mr. I-Suppose-So in the bedroom is your classic grower-not-a-shower. A respectable 3.6 inches flaccid swells to a mighty 5.17 inches long. That’s like going from a Lil’ Smokey to a hot dog, which is not too shabby. But, the most telling stat of all is the circumference. With the average ween weighing in at a baffling 4.59 inches around, it’s practically a chode, which is endearing in its own right, all cute and plump, like a Shar-pei or a harbor seal, napping sweetly in the sea breeze.

Head over here for some sweet chart action that you can show to potential sexual partners, and here for the full report.

[Science of Us]