Child Molesting Minnesota Cult Leader Arrested In Brazil

Over the weekend, Brazillian authorities arrested Victor Arden Barnard, a former “minister” who thought he was Jesus, and has been wanted in the United States on 59 charges of sexual misconduct, after having molested at least two girls from the ages of 12 and 13 onwards. He is currently being held and awaiting extradition.

Via NBC News:

Minnesota prosecutors called Barnard a “master manipulator” who persuaded church members to let their daughters, some as young as 12, live apart from them to fulfill what he preached was their biblical obligation to have sex with him, NBC News has reported.

The girls, who lived in a group called “Alamoth,” were required to be virgins when they were “invited” by Barnard and were to remain unmarried, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.

Two unnamed girls are now adults but were 12 and 13 at the time they say Barnard assaulted them. They told detectives that Barnard preached that he “represented Christ in the flesh” and that because Jesus “had Mary Magdalene and other women who followed him,” it was normal for Barnard to have sex with them.

Oh, and it gets worse! First, one of the girls mothers, after the father found out and wanted to report the guy, convinced him not to, because he was so fabulously holy and righteous. Also, the only reason he got booted out of the Minnesota group was because he was having affairs with married women. Not because he was a child molester!

So, you know. Everyone is terrible.

Each of the charges Barnard is being held on carries a maximum penalty of 30 years, and given that there’s 59 of them, it’s unlikely he’ll ever be let out again.

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