Weekend Shut-In Worksheet: Watch “House Of Cards,” Read Rich Bitch & Make Cream Puffs


  • My fiancé has been poking at me to read 10:04 by Ben Lerner for the last several months because, I quote, “It’s about a writer who receives a massive advance for a book he hasn’t written yet, but instead uses a fellowship to write a book-length poem. He has a defective heart that can rupture at any time. It has meditations on art and time.” Which is a pretty convincing three-line synopsis. — Rebecca
  • Here is the only thinkpiece you need to read about that goddamn dress. — Megan
  • I will attempt to read some of Marabel Morgan’s The Total Woman – a completely absurd book from the ’70s that told Evangelical Christian housewives to revive their marriages by answering the door in Saran Wrap–without throwing up. Listicle to come! — Robyn
  • Rich Bitch by Nicole Lapin breaks down getting your financial shit together into 12 straightforward steps, and translates dated financial jargon into plain English for young, driven women like ourselves! This book made reading about money actually fun! There’s a Frisky Q&A around the corner with Nicole, so if you like the book too, get excited! — Claire


  • Viet Cong by Viet Cong, the debut album from a post-punk band from Canada, kind of sounds like The Pixies and kind of sounds like Joy Division. — Rebecca




  • I plan to do another Dr. Jart’s Pore Minimalist Mask, because the last time I did it I swear to god I didn’t have pores for two weeks and it was AMAZING. The only problem is that you have to do it alone because you don’t want anyone taking a picture of you in it and then post that picture to social media, because it will definitely look like you are wearing blackface. — Robyn