Japan Builds Robot Bears To Care For The Elderly

File this under “things the elderly get that I want now in my 30s.” The “Robear” designed by Japanese robotics company RIKEN is primarily designed to lift elderly patients out of bed and into wheelchairs, taking off the strenuous burden that normally rests on human caregivers. Japan is expecting a large elderly population in the coming decades and RIKEN wants to capitalize on this and the fact that we can’t really spend our time taking care of our aging parents anymore because jobs.

My questions of course are, do they talk like Teddy Ruxpin? Will they give you random hugs?

Please give me a Robear, I cannot get out of bed in the morning and this is the perfect solution. He can just plop me directly into the bath tub and maybe insert a coffee IV into my arm every morning. [Engadget]