Badass Shark Scientist Eugenie Clark Dies At Age 92

At age 17, during her interview to apply to Columbia University, Dr. Eugenie Clark was told by the dean: “Well, we can admit you to Columbia … but I can tell by looking at you that after we put in all our time and money to give you an education, you’re going to get married and have a bunch of kids and you’re not going to work in the field.” He was right about her getting married (five times) and having children, but he was dead wrong about her not working in the field. Clark went on to become one of the most famous ichthyologists in history, focusing on sharks. She went on to receive research grants from around the world very early on, and for the remainder of her life.

Quoted as being “too fascinated to ever be afraid” Dr. Clark tirelessly researched sharks until her death on Wednesday. Forget cat lady, I want to be a shark lady just like Eugenie Clark when I grow up. Let us all say a prayer to this fearless shark goddess today who was told she’d be nothing only to do the exact opposite of that for an entire life-time. My feminist heart just skipped a beat! [LA Times]