‘World’s First’ Gay Married ‘Throuple’ Are Everything

IF you couldn’t really understand that sentence, basically the world’s first male “threesome couple” or “throuple” got married on Valentine’s Day in Thailand. Even better than the fact that this happened is that their names are Bell, Art, and Joke which makes me want to fly to Thailand immediately and hang out with them (if they’d have me).

Under Thai law they aren’t legally married, but the trio did throw a symbolic Buddhist ceremony. They share their bond with last year’s Massachusetts lesbian throuple marriage who are expecting a child soon!

Please let us throw out the egregiously power imbalanced show “Sister Wives” and instead replace it with Bell, Art and Joke. Of course only if they want. The last thing we need is another unconventional marriage to gawk at and exploit. If anything let’s just be happy for them! Throuples forever. [NYPost]