Moschino Attempts To Revive The Worst “Trend” Of The 90s

I think we can all agree that as nostalgic as we may be for the 90s at times, there were a few fashion trends that need to stay buried there for all time. For instance– those hologram shirts for dudes from Gadzooks?. Don’t ever need to see that again! Pleated jeans? No thanks! I’m good! Eyebrow piercings, tribal tattoos, anything emblazoned with the word “Princess“–LOCK IT IN THE VAULT FOREVER.

But perhaps the worst trend of all–worse even than BUM Equipment and Champion Sweatshirts, worse than Hypercolor shirts that made everyone’s pits light up as bright as the sun–was the Looney Tunes renaissance. Mostly seen in the form of these awful shirts with like, the front of the Looney Tunes on the front and the back of them on the back, like SO.


I haaaaaaaaated these shirts. Possibly because I primarily associate them with this girl with rooster bangs who tried to beat me up in the girls locker room in seventh grade because I refused to confess to having “stuffed my bra,” and which point I flashed her and she started screaming that I was a lesbian. Bad memories all around. But also, they were incredibly unattractive and often worn by people who seemed to brag about having an “attitude” a lot. And I hated them.

Now, because Moschino and Jeremy Scott love ugly things, this look is threatening to make a comeback.

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. I’m telling you, we cannot let this happen. Please. It was terrible enough the first time around. It will bring nothing but unpleasantness and possible a new generation of people with incredibly awful Tasmanian Devil tattoos and crispy hair.

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