Watch This Series On The Reality Of Gay Conversion Therapy

  • VICE has finished up its three-part series on gay conversion therapy. [VICE]
  • Erskine College in South Carolina has issued a statement that it is officially anti-gay, after two volleyball players came out at the college. [RawStory]
  • The U.S. Department of Education has found the New York Public Schools in violation of Title IX for having a lack of opportunities for girls to play sports. [NWLC]
  • Most sex workers in the UK have had jobs in low-paying but stressful fields like not-for-profits and education. [The Guardian]
  • Google has backed off of their retroactive pornography ban on Blogger. [ABC]
  • With Reddit’s new revenge porn rules and Hunter Moore headed for prison, are we looking forward to the end of revenge porn? [The Daily Beast]
  • The new Will Smith movie Focus is apparently just 100 straight minutes of mansplaining. Fun! [The Atlantic]