This Giant Gilded Clitoris Is A Work of Art, And I Don’t Mean Metaphorically

The Nashville Scene reported a delightful little story today, possibly even better than any llama car chase (one woman’s opinion): a giant golden statue of a clitoris is now residing at a Tennessee university. The Scene’s Arts Editor Laura Hutson wrote this most excellent description of the scene:

Nashville may be It City, but Sewanee is closing in on the title of Clit City: An enormous gold clitoris was installed yesterday in The University of the South’s main library. The artist, Sophia Wallace, has a history of feminist, clitori-themed work, which includes the neon sign proclaiming “Cliteracy” that was also installed at the Sewanee site. The work is part of Wallace’s clit rodeo, an interactive performance wherein participants take turns riding a mechanical clitoris instead of a bull.

I honestly don’t know what I love more in that entire paragraph, because each sentence is just better than the last. Clit City. Enormous gold clitoris. Brooklyn based artist Sophia Wallace has a history of clitoris-themed work. There’s a large neon sign that says Cliteracy. The whole thing is part of a clit rodeo, and participants can ride a mechanical clit. Just let that soak around in your brain box for a little bit, won’t you? The clit rodeo is being advertised on social media under the totally normal and not at all interesting hashtags #SolidGoldClit and #yeaSEWANEEScliterate, you know, as you do. It’ll be residing in Sewanee, a neighboring city of Nashville through the first week of March.

Obviously, I love the shit out of this. The only thing better than an enormous gold clitoris shaped like the Golden Snitch from Harry Potter is miniature versions of this that I can wear as a signature pin, like I’m the Madeline Albright of female genitalia. I have been crowing Golden Clitch at my coworkers all day because I love a dirty portmanteau. I have so many follow-up questions I don’t even know where to begin. Is it actually solid gold? How much did all that gold cost? Is it modeled on anyone’s clitoris specifically? Do men pretend they’re bad at excavating its curves even though we all know they’re not and you’re just trying to get out of giving me head, Scott, I can see right through you? But perhaps Hutson points out the best unknown of all:

No word yet on whether or not any men have experienced any difficulty in locating the clitoris.


[Nashville Scene]

[Image via Sophia Wallace]