The Wankband Is Sort Of Like A Fitbit For Your Dick

Here is a thing that you never knew you needed: the Wankband, from Pornhub, fine purveyors of free, streamable internet porn. Perfect for charging the iPad on which you’re watching the porn you’re masturbating to, the Wankband works by storing kinetic energy from the up and down motion of rubbing one out or giving your ungrateful schlub of a boyfriend a hand job in the morning before¬†work.

Simply strap the Wankband on before doing your thing and give it all you got. Once it’s full, charge your phone, your laptop, your camera, whatever, and be proud that you’re saving on your electricity bill while doing something that you truly, truly love. It’s available for beta testing, so get in there and make the tedious things you do for the people you love worth something. [Complex]