Parents Lock Daughter In Shed For Six Years Because They Hated Her Boyfriend

Police are investigating the parents of Zhang Qi, a 24 year-old woman living in village of Jingang in central China’s Hubei province, after it was revealed they had kept her locked in a dilapidated, garbage filled shed for the past six years.

Apparently, the parents disapproved of her boyfriend at the time, and in addition to forcing her to break up with him, locked her in this shed to prevent her from going back to him.

While most of the entire town knew about the situation, Zhang Qi’s parents were very powerful, so when they told everyone that they were keeping her locked up because she had “mental problems” in order to avoid further questions, everyone just went along with them.

Except for one guy.

Chow Jen says he wasn’t afraid of Zhang Qi’s parents because he no longer lived in town and only ever came back for Chinese New Year to visit. Each year, he would visit Zhang Qi in secret, but the last time–when he “saw her lying on a pile of straw with a couple of blankets and some food around her”–he decided enough was enough, and he called the police and posted pictures of her situation online.

woman kept in shed

Hopefully, the parents will go to jail and Zhang Qi will get the help she needs to get her life on track.