Is This Dress White And Gold Or Black And Blue? The Internet Can’t Decide

Last night, the Internet lost its collective hive mind because of a kind of trashy bandage dress with lace stripes that is either white and gold or blue and black. Buzzfeed unearthed a post on Tumblr posing a question about whether or not the dress was white and gold or black and blue. Then, the internet, feeling giddy after following the adventures of 2 llamas on the run earlier that day, went HAM.

Upon first glance, the dress to me, was actually white and gold. Then, after seeing someone I follow on Twitter mention something about changing the brightness of my phone screen, I stumbled upon another picture of the dress and was actually, genuinely surprised when it was black and blue. “Am I really high,” I wondered, “or is this stupid internet thing actually real?” According to WIRED, the dress changes colors for some people because its based on the way we see light, or more specificaly, how our invidivdual brains are interpreting that light.

Science, once again saves the day.