Holy Inclusivity, Catwoman Is Bisexual!

When I was a kid, I wanted to be Catwoman when I grew up. My mom even made me a Michelle Pfeiffer-style Catwoman suit for Halloween when I was four. Now it’s closer than ever to being a reality: Catwoman is coming out as bisexual! Hooray, and welcome to the club, Selina!

In Catwoman #39, founding Catwoman Selina Kyle has left her role as Catwoman to head a crime family in Gotham, and she shares a kiss with the woman who’s taken her place, Eiko Hasigawa. Writer Genevieve Valentine explains in a blog post that, true to the realities of bisexuality, Selina Kyle’s long-time, ongoing feelings with Bruce Wayne haven’t been thrown to the wayside in order to make Selina’s bisexuality “canon official.” Rather, Selina and Bruce are working through some serious fissures in their relationship, Selina is in a really strenuous position, and the mutual fascination between herself and Eiko pushes them together in a moment of high emotion. So, basically, the two women are about to head into war with one another, and they make out on a rooftop, which sounds like a very ripe plot, indeed.

Selina Kyle’s sidekick-turned-Catwoman Holly Robinson has been portrayed as a lesbian in the Batman family of comics, Batwoman has been an out lesbian for a few years, and the Batgirl comics feature a trans woman of color as title character Barbara Gordon’s friend and roommate. Not withstanding a snafu in a more recent Batgirl title, wherein Gordon falls into a very old stereotype about trans* people being deceitful, DC Comics has been positioning itself with several titles, but especially the Batman family of titles, as diverse in terms of race, gender identity, and sexual orientation. Since comics are media that we often start reading when we’re kids, that’s an important show of support on DC’s part. It’s good to see bisexuality included in that, and to see that the writer who’s penning the coming-out storyline is as sensitive as she is about what bisexuality is really like.



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