Here’s The First Look At Eddie Remayne As Trans Artist Lili Elbe

Here’s the first look at Eddie Remayne as trans artist and model Lili Elbe, whom he will be portraying in the upcoming film The Danish Girl. Elbe was one of the first identifiable recipients of a gender corrective surgery, in Germany in 1930. Tragically, Elbe died in 1931 at the age of 48 when an attempted uterus transplant went wrong.

In life, however, Elbe was a vibrant woman living the life of a libertine artist in early 1900s France. Which, I think, is what we all wish we were doing right now.

Here she is in real life, wearing a jaunty hat!


And here is a portrait of her, created by her friend and former wife, fellow artist Gerda Gottlieb:


It’s unfortunate, of course, that this part is being played by a cisgender man, when it would obviously be a great opportunity to have an actual trans person play a trans person, but it seems we’re still in the Philadelphia/The Birdcage stage of things here. Hopefully things will soon change and trans* actors will be given more opportunities in film.