Conservative “Street Artist” Gives CPAC’s Most Cringey Speech So Far

There’s always been a little bit of coolness envy coming from the Right, and it’s understandable. “Young Republican” has been synonymous with “giant dork” and “square” since forever. There’s no question that our music is better (Sorry, Pat Boone!) and that we tend to have a lot more artists in general. Better musicians, better comics, better writers, better visual artists.

It makes a lot of logical sense, because if you’re going to be doing things outside the mainstream, you’re probably not going to be super excited about tax cuts for rich people (at least not while you’re in starving artist mode) and all hung up on what everyone else is doing with their genitals. You’re probably not crying over gay people getting married.

There are exceptions, of course. Mike Love, the Beach Boy everyone hates, Johnny Ramone, the Ramone everyone hates, and now SABO, a “street artist” so inconsequential that no one has even bothered to make him a Wikipedia page.

Sabo, who looks like a cool old dude who runs a record store but is actually a serious wingnut known mostly for making up a dumb anti-Wendy Davis “Abortion Barbie” poster, was tapped to give a speech this year at CPAC.


During this speech, which included an odd comment about Shepard Fairey and Banksy “circle-jerking” each other in the south of France, Sabo desperately tried to make the case that conservatives were “the cool ones now” and the “real rebels” or whatever. Which…no. Just no.

He also bragged that his SUPER COOL anti-Wendy Davis poster kicked “bigwig Hollywood donors right square in the nuts.” You know, despite the fact that the poster actually ended up generating a lot of money for her campaign.

Here, for posterity, is the poster.



Oh wow. How edgy. He really told them, I guess. Not sure what the scissors are about, given that it’s not like safe, legal abortions are performed with them, but OK.

There’s a lesson here, folks. There will never be anything cool about desperately trying to be cool, and there will certainly never be anything cool about telling a woman what to do with her body.



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