Today Is The Third Anniversary Of Trayvon Martin’s Death

  • Today is the third anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s death, and a crucial moment to think about what justice is for Black Americans. [TIME]
  • We remember Dori C. Maynard, a champion for diversity in journalism, who passed away Tuesday, February 24, after a battle with lung cancer. [The Root]
  • Here are some solid, concrete facts and figures that put white privilege into very certain terms. [The Atlantic]
  • The IAAF, the world governing body for athletics, has a rule banning female athletes from competing against other women if they have testosterone levels that the IAAF considers to be in the “male” range, the consequences of which are detailed in this story about Indian sprinter Dutee Chand. [VICE Sports]
  • Facebook has added a fill-in-the-blank gender identity option. [ABC]
  • Cohabiting before marriage can and does get people arrested in Florida. [RawStory]

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