Mark McGrath Is Real Sorry If You Thought He Was Dead

Hey! Guess what! You know Mark McGrath, that dude from Sugar Ray and also “Entertainment Tonight”? He is not dead! I mean. I didn’t know anyone thought he was dead, because I don’t really keep up on all the latest Mark McGrath news, but OK.

Apparently, someone sent out a press release stating that McGrath had died after “filming the second season of entertainment show ‘Hot Package,’ when he was confronted by a masked gunman and shot several times. The former Sugar Ray frontman died in the arms of his co-star, Derrick Beckles, on the Hollywood set of the show.”

True story! The first time I read that sentence I read it as “naked gunman” — which I definitely would have gone with were I writing a fake press release about the fake death of Mark McGrath.

The press release also encouraged fans to “post a Sugar Ray Selfie, holding a packet of sugar over their heart. #RIPMARKMCGRATH.” Tragically, I can find no instances of anyone doing this.

Anyway, for some reason, Mark McGrath just found out about the death hoax today, and felt the need to apologize to all the Sugar Ray fans out there who were concerned.

In other news, I just remembered what song Sugar Ray sang, without Googling, so there’s that.

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