Gwen Stacy Is Your New Spider-Man, Oh I’m Sorry, Spider-Woman

Marvel just unmasked its newest superhero and the big twist isn’t just that it’s a woman — it’s that Gwen Stacy is Spider-Woman.

You may remember Gwen — she was Peter Parker’s (aka Spider-Man) ex-girlfriend, most recently played by Emma Stone in “The Amazing Spider-Man” (and personally, my pick for who Spider-Man should have ended up with instead of that abysmal Mary Jane). Now, for a single issue, Marvel will be giving Gwen her own storyline as a mutant super-hero, complete with a transformation by way of one very radioactive spider. The issue is part of the Edge of Spider-Verse miniseries that imagines a world in which other people are Spider-Man/Woman instead of Peter Parker.

While Spider-Woman (and her badass costume!) may be a one-off, Marvel has been committing now more than ever to having kickass women save the world in boundary pushing ways — last October they announced female Thor, and earlier in 2014, the company announced the latest Ms. Marvel would be a Muslim teenager, Kamala Khan. Cool! [USA Today]

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