Blue Balls Are Real, But They Don’t Hurt That Bad, Says Science

Blue balls, the scourge of horny 14-year old boys everywhere, are a very real thing, but science now proves that they’re not really as bad as the shitty dudes in your life are making you think. Fusion’s Femsplainer finally debunks the myth in this informative video, so all you vixens can rest easy. ¬†Making out with that dude from Tinder on your third date and not putting out doesn’t make you a horrible person, and if that man complains about the searing pain in his balls while pressing his peen into your thigh, feel free to remove him, stat. “It’s just epididymal hypertension, boo,” you can whisper to him as you gently shove him out the door. Science saves the day. [Fusion]