Beyonce’s Workout Routine Is Now On Instagram

To celebrate the anniversary of her “Let’s Move” health and fitness campaign, Michelle Obama has asked social media users to partake in her #GimmeFive challenge by sharing five tips for being healthy. Beyonce took this as an opportunity to grace us peasants with a peek into her fitness routine, which involves crunches, some kind of kickboxing situation, lunges, and some other nifty but inexplicable move. If you want to be as fierce as Bey, TAKE NOTE. (I feel the need to add that one of my biggest pet peeves is when magazines promise to bestow readers with the body of the hot celeb of the week in like, a two-page workout. Your body is lovely and you look fantastic, but nobody will ever have a celeb’s exact figure because — surprise — you have different bodies that react to exercise in different ways! It’s kind of rude of a lady mag to imply that your body is not nearly as awesome as some other person’s, famous or not. BUT I DIGRESS.) If you’re needing some motivation to make it to the gym after work today, take a look at the Queen’s routine.

Celebrating the 5th anniversary of Let’s Move! #GimmeFive @michelleobama =ÿ™‹

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