Lady Gaga Is The Star Of The Next Season of “American Horror Story”

In the wake of the worst season of “American Horror Story” yet, Ryan Murphy hits us with some fantastic news: Lady Gaga has signed on to star in the next season of the show. Filming starts in July, and the show will air, as usual, in October. Ms. Germanotta took to Twitter to clarify.

“American Horror Story: Hotel,” huh? With Lady Gaga as the star? I’m in, but tentatively so. I had high hopes for “Freak Show.” but that was a hot mess, and “Coven” was actually pretty amazing, if only for witchcraft, Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson. Will the hotel be haunted?  Is it going to be like “The Shining,” but with women? Will this be a giant trainwreck, helmed by an ex-theater kid with killer pipes? So many questions, zero answers. [Vulture]