Zendaya Clapped Back At Casual Racist Giuliana Rancic And It Was Perfect

Last night, human Pez dispenser Giuliana Rancic was on E!’s “Fashion Police” dissecting all the Oscar fashion that paraded down the Oscars red carpet in a modern-day bonfire of the vanities. While channeling her best Joan Rivers, Rancic offered up this delightful little bit of analysis on “Shake It Up” actress Zendaya’s dreadlocked look:

“I feel like she smells like patchouli oil … or maybe weed.”

Oh. It didn’t matter that Vogue had already named the actress a “breakout style star,” claiming she looked “one part Lisa Bonet, one part Venus de Milo, and all very grown up.” But before the internet could break out into a flurry of thinkpieces defending the half-black actress, the 18-year old star took to Instagram last night to shut Rancic right the fuck down.

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Rancic quickly offered a tepid apology that shifted the blame to her perception of “bohemian chic” that was more embarrassing than helpful.

Half-hearted apology or not, let that be a lesson from arguably the coolest teenager around in how to hold your ground and clap the fuck back.