Kim Kardashian’s Beauty Routine Is Just The Right Amount Of Ridiculous

Kim Kardashian sat down with beauty blog IntoTheGloss and divulged her beauty routine, which is kind of ridiculous, but not as insane as you might think. Her hair, which I think is her best feature now that it’s short and choppy, is washed every five days. FIVE DAYS! Kim Kardashian! Her contour game seems surprisingly low-key, but there have got to be wizards working the brushes there. But really, at the heart of it, Kim is just like the rest of us, albeit with a ton of money: She takes her makeup off, she puts more of it on, and she probably spends time scrolling thru Amazon product reviews on her Blackberry in between photo shoots. Just like me!

What’s refreshing about this little looksie into Kim’s beauty regimen, and about the whole Kardashian Klan in general, is that they willingly embrace artifice. Kim uses like, three different kinds of cleansers and impossibly expensive face creams and somehow comes off as pretty chill about the whole thing. She has makeup artists for different looks, one that makes her “ethnic,” one that makes her “glam,” and one that makes her simply “tan.” She has psoriasis, for Christ’s sake, and hides it with gallons of $62-per-bottle foundation! She loves a “laser facial” and shops on eBay for makeup brushes, and she’s not afraid to tell us about all of it. This is the direct antithesis to no-makeup makeup, and I love it. [Into The Gloss] [Photo via Getty]