With So Many Trans Women Murdered In 2015, How Are We Not Outraged?

  • At least six trans* women have been murdered this year. Why are we not outraged? [The Daily Beast]
  • Turkish men are protesting in skirts for women’s rights, in memory of rape and murder victim Ozgecan Aslan. [CNN]
  • British Labour Party MP Rachel Reeves is dismissing claims that her pregnancy will keep her from giving her job her “full attention.” [BBC]
  • A cop busted an internet child predator by pretending his arm was a vagina. [Gawker]
  • Mikki Kendall on finding solutions for online harassment: “I don’t have to listen to the people that tell me I deserve to be raped. Conversely, they don’t have to listen to me.” [Model View Culture]
  • Stephen Kearse writes an important essay on why he can’t afford to work as a writer anymore, and how that intersects with his race. [The Toast]
  • Should you be more unreasonable on behalf of your values this year? [Weird Sister]

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