Want Your Own LEGO Oscar? (Of Course You Do!)

If you want a LEGO Oscar of your own, turns out you might not have to wait long: The artist who made them, Nathan Sawaya, has gotten so much positive feedback about the statuettes presented to Oscar audience members during the performance of “Everything is Awesome” that he submitted the design to LEGO Ideas in hopes of translating it into a set you can purchase.

Sawaya originally made the statuette for one of The Lego Movie’s co-directors, Philip Lord, as a consolation prize after the movie wasn’t nominated for an Academy Award. The movie’s directors decided they wanted to use the LEGO statuette idea to make the performance extra-special, and voilà, this Oprah face was born!

Alternatively, you can slow down this three-second clip of Sawaya building a LEGO Oscar and see if you can figure it out yourself. Have at it!

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