Tavi Gevinson Talks Feminism With Michael Ian Black

“There’s a stigma around it that many of us have bought into, and I think the only way to remove that stigma is for more and more people to identify with it, which is why I think something like the Beyonce VMAs performance was so radical. At the same time I think so much of my job is figuring out a way to do that without watering it down. I want something that’s accessible. I have to know that I grew up in Oak Park, Illinois, like progressive, super liberal – these tools were available to me. I have to remember like, there are girls who are reading Rookie who are from like – I don’t want to like stereotype – but they didn’t grow up in that way. They didn’t have my Jewish liberal parents and stuff. I don’t want them to feel like feminism doesn’t need them or they shouldn’t learn about self-esteem and self care through a feminist lens just because they don’t have the jargon down.”

Tavi Gevinson, 18-year-old national hero, actress and founder of Rookie magazine, is one of the first guests featured on Michael Ian Black’s new Audible.com interview show “How To Be Amazing.” When Black asked her what she makes of the fact that many women feel alienated by the word “feminism,” she busted out this answer and reminded me once again why I’m forever Team Tavi. In the show’s first installment, which is free on Audible, also features interviews with Elizabeth Gilbert, Bob Odenkirk, and (my middle school hero) Lin-Manuel Miranda. Black is able to ask his guests deeper questions that most interviewers don’t have the time or rapport for, and the full show is absolutely worth a listen. As for Tavi, she’ll be running the world before we know it, so prepare yourself. [Image via Getty]