Surprise: Tech Industry Getting Worse For Women

According to a piece in the Los Angeles Times, women are leaving the tech industry in droves.

This is something I have called for a while now — this very myopic insistence of “filling the pipeline” simply won’t work if the industry remains sexist from a structural standpoint, i.e. still being shitty to women once they get there. The tech world has to become hospitable and inclusionary from within for women to want to stay. Filling a space with women and expecting the systemic sexism to magically disappear doesn’t work — in ANY business sector.

It’s like the tech world asks: “Come work for us but don’t expect us to cater to womanly needs such as not being sexually harassed or expecting a promotion!”

Tech has to start catching up to the other industries which, while not perfect, still seem to be trying to fix this problem in a “bigger picture” type of way. Every industry still has far to go — hey we live in the patriarchy – but by all accounts, the Silicon Valley needs about a year’s worth of gender studies courses ASAP. [Los Angeles Times]