Dog And Owl BFFs Give You Reason To Live

There has been a recent influx of coverage on interspecies friendships as of late — in part because of the National Geographic series “Unlikely Friends” on Netflix and also with the interspecies friendship Android Advertisement. This influx also happens to be the best thing that’s ever happened to everyone. Think of it like seeing one kind of porn your whole life and then all of a sudden being able to see an entirely new kind of kink that blows you away.

This series of photos in particular, nearly put me in the cardiac ward. I have never seen two more handsome creatures coexist together. Consider this your Sunday meditation guide and bask in its beauty instead of remembering all of the world’s ills.

Thank you Tanja Brandt of Germany, for capturing the best thing I’ve ever seen — until tomorrow when the internet delivers something else that’s just as incredibly cute.