“Two And A Half Men” Ends And Feminists Of America Rejoice

Even though notorious domestic abuser and all around douche king of America, Charlie Sheen was dumped from this trash show four years ago, we still had to deal with it being on the air with Ashton Kutcher as his replacement until now.

Its ending symbolizes a small victory for women in entertainment as well as any women who have a cerebral cortex and eyeballs which may accidentally have to watch the show in their dentist’s office.

The low-brow comedy was not only limiting to female actresses, it was horrifically offensive and inane, poorly written, and watches like Patriarchy’s Poster Child.

Today, feminists everywhere can rest easy that the show has finally come to an end — apparently literally ending with Charlie Sheen being killed by a grand piano after saying “Winning!” No one has won since this show was unfortunately created, but at least now it can no longer haunt our screens … except in the reruns.