Plastic Jesus Wins The Oscars!

Which film is going to win Best Picture this year? Who cares when you have Plastic Jesus as your resident-shocking subversive installation artist! Banksy is SO 2014.

If you’re like me, you hold a contradictory position towards Hollywood and the Oscars. On the one hand, I LOVE the red carpet fashions, the beauty and the glitz, and even the award speeches, but on the other hand, I am fully aware that it’s a spectacle that is merely a veneer over a dark, drug-addled, sexist and white supremacist (this year in particular), money-grubbing culture that eats people alive.

Does this mean that I’m going to boycott the Oscars tonight and read brain-expanding literature instead? I’m so sorry Plastic Jesus, but no, I shall turn on my TV early enough to catch the red carpet arrivals on E!, and then settle into my warm couch to view the awards in their entirety. Happy Oscars everyone! (And follow The Frisky on Twitter and follow along as Amelia livetweets the whole shebang starting at 6 p.m. EST.)