Magic Anti-Aging Chocolate Is Biggest Lady Cliche In Existence

Apparently there are some scientists who have invented “anti-aging” chocolate called “Esthechoc” and now moms in their 40s all across America are squealing with glee! OK, not yet because it seems like it may not even really be a totally proven thing.

Even though their very Euro-centric marketing campaign looks like they are going to go for the jet-setting business man or woman in their 30s, I’m pretty sure American advertisers are going to milk this for all its worth and try their own predictable tactic. Keep an eye out for elaborate “mom-shopping-while-fake-orgasming and devouring chocolate while also admiring her new youthful glow” type ads for Esthechoc very soon. Think of every horrible annoying yogurt, chocolate and skin care ad you’ve ever seen combined and that’s what we’re in for!

By the way I’m totally going to try this chocolate. I’m sold (bad feminist)! [Independent UK]

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