This Hurricane Katrina Documentary Is About More Than Just A Storm

When Hurricane Katrina hit, director/producer and former New Orleans resident Rennik Soholt watched the footage of the flooding in horror with the rest of America. Close friends were still trapped there, and he worried if he’d ever see them again. He arrived in the city with his camera, struggling to grasp the enormity of the damage. Now, with the storm’s ten-year anniversary approaching this summer, he’s gearing up to release a film about the changes people endured after the storm was over – what happens when the floodwaters clear, the public moves on, and your home has vanished into thin air? Soholt has spent the past decade following the lives of five New Orleanians who left the city for good after the storm and who are still trying to piece together what home means to them. The trailer got me asking myself so many questions. What would I do when faced with such an impossible choice? How do we reconcile terrible events in our lives when they are the catalyst significant (and sometimes very positive) events in our future? If you’re as eager to see the film as I am, take a look at the Kickstarter campaign raising funds for Soholt to complete the film!