Pizza Hut Australia Launched A Limited-Edition Nail Polish Line, And It Doesn’t Look That Bad!

Pizza Hut worked hard to get my heart as a kid (do you remember BookIt?!) and now they’ve gone after the other thing I love the most: nail polish. Pizza Hut Australia has released a limited-edition line of nail polish. The colors were produced in a 30-set run, which were then gifted to winners of a pizza poetry contest, which included such gems as the following:


The colors actually aren’t that bad. Aloha, Boys! and Poppin’ Pepperoni appear to be two solid neon pinks, something that everyone’s nail polish arsenal should have. Dough You Need Me is the elusive off-white, not-too-yellow opaque nude that looks like it could replace my beloved OPI My Vampire Is Buff. And the green would be nice with a tan! Pizza Hut, I implore you — bring these to the U.S. You won’t regret it. [Buzzfeed]