New York City Is A Beautiful Frozen Wasteland

My commute to work yesterday nearly transported my body into a new set of molecular properties, when, sure enough, I looked at my weather app and saw just a solitary number 1 as the degree in Fahrenheit. My knees cracked and ached as I walked the five avenues to my office from the subway in a way that I’d never experienced before. I suppose I now have a lovely preview into my geriatric years! It was vaguely arthritic but also could have been my knee bones literally cooking from dry ice like in “Top Chef,” into hollow husks of marrow.

After a couple of hours of being home and wishing for a swift death or at least a beach vacation, I opened Twitter and saw the perfect metaphor for living in this city: the brutal cold that we all faced nearly ruined us for good, then just when you think you can’t take it anymore, something incredible happens and you are reminded all over again why you live here in the first place. CBS released this unbelievably beautiful picture and I was shaken out of my cocoon of blankets and reminded once again how much I can’t quit this damn island. It may try to kill me and treat me like dirt, but good god it’s beautiful.

To screw with us even more, it’s going to be a high of 46 degrees tomorrow, which compared to what we’ve had is a goddamn heat wave. I’m going to be wearing some jorts. Happy weekend, everyone!