Prince Harry And Emma Watson, Sitting In A Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

If the slightly-dubious sources at Woman’s Day Australia are to be believed, Prince Harry, occasional racist and ginger-haired rapscallion, is secretly dating none other than Emma Watson. Sure. Okay. That seems like a fine match to me, I think?

I care very little about the royal family, but I think that Harry seems like he might be kinda fun. He’s that dude you crush Strongbows with at the pub when you’re in London on your semester abroad. He knows how to party! Now that ol’ Kate’s preggers again, he’s fifth in line for the throne, preceded by that apple-cheeked, dimple-kneed toddler, George. Possibly-maybe-unconfirmedly dating Hermione Granger is a fantastic way to make waves in a positive way and Emma Watson, from what I can tell, is fantastic. HARRY AND HERMIONE 4-EVER. [Woman’s Day Australia]