Parents Are Trying To Cure Autistic Kids With Horrifying Bleach Enemas

Oh god. This is the most awful thing I have read in a while. Apparently, in an effort to cure their children of autism, some parents are turning to a dangerous concoction they believe can “flush” the autism causing vaccines out of them.

The substance is called “Miracle Mineral Supplement” and it is just as shady as it sounds. It was “invented” in 2006 by Jim Humble, a former Scientologist who left the church to start his own religion, Genesis II Church of Health & Healing. Humble touts it as a cure for pretty much everything, including autism, AIDS, H1N1, Ebola malaria, hepatitis, cancer, acne and, of course, the common cold.


It’s basically a mixture of sodium chlorite–an industrial grade bleach used to make paper and sanitize air ducts–and distilled water, and it is extremely toxic. It causes nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and other horrible things–and that’s when it’s used “correctly.” Which is why the FDA has issued a warning about it.

Despite this, and despite the fact that people have actually died from taking this substance, parents are giving it to their children in enema and pill form. Because they think it is magic.

According to Jenna Duffy of If You Only News, the use of MMS as a “cure” for autism is being promoted primarily by a woman named Kerri Rivera, who says she is a “certified homeopath” (not a real thing) and runs a website called CDAutism (CD= Chlorine Dioxide), as well as a Facebook group with over 7,500 members.

The “testimonials” she shares are pretty horrifying, and sadly indicative of the kind of people that are falling for this stuff.



The parents in these groups report that their kids teeth are changing color, and that they’re having really unusual bowel movements. You see, MMS causes the lining of your intestine to shed. Rivera explains this away as something called “rope worms”–an entirely not real “parasite” that she claims these children need to rid themselves of in order to cure themselves of autism.

For what it’s worth, Rivera’s own child has yet to be “cured” of autism.

Honestly, I can understand why a desperate parent would want to try anything they could to help their child. I really, really do. I know they are not doing this to their children for malicious reasons. But this shit is extremely dangerous. It is not a cure for anything, and I would imagine that most parents would prefer a child with autism to a child that is dead.


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