Joni Edelman: “Happiness Does Not Require Thinness; Fatness Does Not Presume Sadness”

  • If you haven’t read Joni Edelman’s essay on why being thin doesn’t cure sadness or manufacture happiness yet, GO DO IT. NOW. NOW NOW NOW. [Ravishly]
  • Serial truthers are doxxing and harassing women who voice opinions about the podcast. [The Daily Beast]
  • Sperm donors to lesbian couples are winning parental rights, another blow to marriage equality. [Slate]
  • If you’re not a rapist, why would you fear affirmative consent policies? [The Guardian]
  • Also, policies about women carrying firearms to prevent rape and reasonable-person tests, two completely ineffective policies for handling campus rape, are gaining traction. [The New Republic]
  • Amy Poehler’s new disability comedy, “Difficult People,” is sure to bring some really high-quality humor about disability – not least of all because it’s going to star hilarious disabled vlogger Shannon DeVido. [Daily Dot]
  • Here’s a breakdown of exactly why a study about whether the Feminist Ryan Gosling meme makes men more feminist is, well, bunk. [PSMag]
  • Anonymous Oscar voters have revealed themselves to be predictably crazy and racist. [Defamer]

[Image via Ravishly/Joni Edelman]