JNCOs Are Rising From Their Grave, Set To Make A Comeback In 2015

Ready your body for the return of JNCOs the preferred jean of dirtbags everywhere. According to The FADER, a Chinese investor has given them a bunch of cash that’ll allow them to come back strong and powerful and wider-legged in 2015. For those of you unfamiliar, JNCOs are those wide-legged, high-waisted denim nightmares, sold at Hot Topic and best paired with a high-necked crop top and a visor, if you’re feeling fancy. This is the one trend you probably never thought would come back, but fashion, like life, is cyclical. Don’t believe me? Noted soothsayer and very smart person Julianne Escobedo Shepherd over at Jezebel called this, like, a month ago. Burn your skinny jeans, guys. It’s gonna be a floppy-legged summer. [The FADER]