We’re Looking For The Next Dater X!

The original Dater X is happily married to the Young One, while Dater X 2.0 just ended her run after making things official with Tim — so who will be Dater X 3.0? Hopefully one of you! We’re officially looking for our next anonymous dating blogger, and while the ability to form thoughts and feelings into sentences is key, we’re not limiting our search to women who write for a living. If you’re single, dating and down to share your experiences and perspective with boatloads of people you don’t know, you should apply! If you’ve been told by friends and strangers that you really know how to tell a story, you definitely should. Doesn’t matter where you live, what you do, who you do and how you do it, so long as you’re actively dating and eager to kiss and tell, I want to hear from you. And yes, WE PAY. In dollah dollah bills — well, a check — and the fire-breathing love, support and confidence of me as your editor. As readers of Dater X know, this column always inspires a lot of comments, not all of them, um, positive, so the ideal candidate needs to have a thick skin. The anonymity of all who apply, not to mention whoever is chosen to be Dater X 3.0, will be fiercely guarded by myself and my sidekick Lucca. Interested? Email me at [email protected] with “I AM THE NEXT DATER X” in the subject line, and include a short introduction about who you are, as well as the most vital information about your dating history (i.e. “I was engaged but then he dumped me for his personal trainer”), how you would describe your “dating philosophy” (including whether you online date), and why you would be the perfect person to fill Dater X’s shoes. The deadline to apply is Friday, February 27.

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