We Live In A World In Which You Can Crowdfund $30,000 For A Mannequin

Welcome to 2015, in which you too can donate your hard-earned cash to help a mannequin travel across the ocean to be reunited with his (plastic) lover. What a world. Meet Léo, a mannequin for French underwear brand Le Slip Français, who fell in love with an American mannequin during Paris Fashion Week, only for her to be whisked back to L.A. without him. Now, he’s on Kickstarter asking for a cool $30,000 to get him to California to see his love — and he’s already raised about a third of it. Le Slip Français is looking to expand its products to the States, so Léo’s journey is actually the company’s own. Léo’s story is a little creepy (I never got over “Mannequin,” okay?), but it’s also kind of adorable, and I can’t deny that it’s brilliant marketing. If you’d like to buy some ethically made French undies in the US, you know what to do! [We Are Social Media]