Taylor Swift And Karlie Kloss Are Best Friends Forever And Won’t Let You Forget It

Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss, BFFs of just one year, are on the cover of the March issue of Vogue. The cover story, which details the many friendships of Taylor Swift, is a horrifying study in what happens when you treat friendship like the ultimate game of Pokemon.

There’s a lot that’s bothersome here, starting with Swift’s Polaroid wall, which I’m envisioning as a “Homeland”-style bulletin board adorned with ribbon and stickers and a lineup of Instagram photos of her besties. Taylor is tenacious in collecting friends, chasing down the famous like a particularly demented butterfly collector, scooping up the flashiest specimens in her net. “A Lena Dunham, for my collection,” she coos, as she pins the wings of millennial white America’s mouthpiece and troubadour to her wall. “Three Haims and a Lorde will even this out nicely,” she whispers, petting a cat with one hand and rearranging the pins on her friendship wall. “I have them all now, every quota has been filled!” She cackles with glee and kicks back, pleased with her lot in life.

The thing about female friendships, you see, is that they are delicate, weird, breathing things. They require time for the flavors to develop, for the funk to settle in and dissipate, for the work of getting to know someone really, really well to start paying off. Swift applies her love ‘em and leave ‘em methodology that she honed so well in her dating life to the acquisition of a coterie of female friends, which is great, but also comes off as a coolly calculated move, designed to project the kind of image that she wants to be seen as possessing. What baffles me is that no one really sees it this way. They’re all under the spell. Don’t believe me? Watch Kloss ‘N’ Swift breathlessly endorse each other, and let me know how it sits with you. Something about it sure feels icky to me. [Vogue]