Now We Can Bake Girl Scout Cookies At Home!

My fervent mission to build up a Girl Scout cookie stockpile just got a lot easier, because soon we can make them at home! Starting this fall, Wicked Cool Toys’ Girl Scout Cookie Oven can be yours for $60, which may seem hefty for what’s being marketed as a toy (puh-lease, this was definitely made for the cookie starved grown-ups who no longer have a direct Thin Mint hookup), but trust, this is a small investment for the lifetime of artery-crushing joy that awaits. Just think, you’ll never again have to waste those long months between Girl Scout cookie seasons eating subpar desserts! My only hope is that this doesn’t take too much profit away from Girl Scouts who are still selling cookies door-to-door to raise money for field trips or volunteer work or what have you, but since the organization has taken cookie sales online this year, it seems like the go-getter hustle that used to sell those boxes years ago is diminishing regardless.

Dough mixtures for favorites like Peanut Butter Sandwich, Trefoils, and Thin Mints can be tracked down for $7 (admittedly, more than you average box of the pre-made cookies), and variety packs are available for $15. The contraption is a lot like an Easy-Bake Oven with its safe, family-friendly safety features, though I still maintain that adults will have more fun with this than kids. I never had an Easy-Bake growing up (to be fair, I never really wanted one at the time either), and years later I became bitter about missing out on the shared Americana experience that is making poorly mixed, shapeless “cookies” and sharing toy company-created dreams of barefoot kitchen life with my fellow preschoolers. To make up for this void, my roommate got me an Easy-Bake my first year of college, and since we didn’t have an oven in our dorm room, it actually proved useful! My point here is that grown-ups can totally make Girl Scout cookies in their own home without feeling like sad forever-children. Or, you know, you can just buy one for your niece and use hers if it makes you feel better. [Gizmodo] [Image via Shutterstock]

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