Hardcore Marathoner Hyvon Ngetich Collapsed During The Austin Marathon And Finished Anyway

Kenyan marathon runner Hyvon Ngetich collapsed at the 26-mile mark at the Austin Marathon this weekend, and instead of accepting medical assistance, she crawled on her hands and knees to the finish line. She had led the race for the first 23 miles and still finished third, but the director of the marathon doubled her prize money to reflect a second-place finish. Ngetich said afterward that she couldn’t even remember “all that crawling or whatever.” HARDCORE.

Doctors are cautioning non-elite runners definitely not to ever do this, ever, ever, ever — when you collapse like that, it’s practically impossible to move. Your blood sugar gets dangerously low, and pressing on would injure most runners. That being said, I think any statements about Ngetich being either brave or careless really have to be taken with a grain of salt; the woman blacked out and was clearly working on instinct. I’d like to believe that if I collapsed with 0.2 miles left to go, I’d crawl my way to the finish line too, but that’s probably wishful thinking. Ngetich’s whole life is wrapped up in running, and her, like, auto-pilot intuition was probably telling her that she had to finish if she was that close and capable of moving at all.

Either way, though, it is a tremendous show of strength. Amazing! Also, I’ve had a voice in the back of my head telling me that I should run another marathon next year, and this is doing a  good job of reminding me just how excruciating the experience was. Hat-tip to Ngetich for both of those things.

[h/t Popsugar]


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