ModCloth’s New Ad Campaign Features The “Bravery” Of Real Women

Overpriced retailer ModCloth is doing something that I really, really like, for once: using actual, real women in their swimsuit campaigns. In a post on their blog, they said they’d be showcasing their female employees in an upcoming style story. Each woman will be wearing the same Esther Williams one-piece, which is one of the few actually flattering bathing suits that come in sizes larger than a 12. While I think it is inherently fucked up to call the act of showing your actual body, regardless of what it looks like, “brave”, I am super psyched to see these beautiful, lovely, real women wearing a bathing suit and not looking like they want to die.

Bathing suit shopping is a nightmare! Bathing suit shopping, when your ass is a size 18 and your top is a 16, is nearly impossible to do in an actual store. I have spent more hours than I’d like to admit googling “plus size bikinis” while drinking a giant glass of wine and watching Netflix at home, scouring the same five sites and looking at the same five suits. Every time I go to actually buy one of these items, I balk. Being able to see just one bathing suit that is cute and not matronly on a body that looks like a real person is refreshing. I never thought I’d say this, but ModCloth, thank you.

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